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Meteor Toys are development tools specially designed for Meteor. They were designed to make you more productive during development by making the boring tasks fun.

What You Get: Complete Meteor Toys bundle with Mongol Pro, JetSetter Pro, Notifications and the 13 Orbs. 

The Details
 - You will receive 1 year of feature updates, and lifetime of patch updates
 - You can use Meteor Toys on as many of your apps and machines as you'd like

 - For teams, you may purchase additional licenses or get in touch for a bulk discount

What People Are Saying

They're pretty amazing. This feels like MDG-level quality. It makes the Meteor developer experience better.

- Josh Owens

Using MeteorToys increases the speed in which I can work through issues and create finished, working solutions faster than ever.

- Jason Bahl

I felt in love with the not invasive approach<br> of the tool, easy to install/remove and <br>automatically disabled in production.

- Franco Soldera

Along with Kadira, Meteor Toys provides the missing piece to forming a comprehensive Meteor IDE.

 - Rahul Choudhury

For More Information

 - For more information about Meteor Toys, go to

 - For the original Meteor Toys announcement, go to

 - For the Meteor Toys 2 announcement, go to

- For State of Meteor Toys 3, and thoughts on Meteor, go to

Thank you for supporting Meteor Toys.

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Meteor Toys 7

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